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Dermalogica treatments

dermalogica_expertDermalogica is a leading UK brand of cosmetics used by beauty therapist to fight a great deal of face skin issues, make your skin glow with health and look younger.

Environment, diet, stress, ageing – all this could create a number of issues with the skin of your face. Dermalogica offers variety of ranges, suitable for different ages and different purposes, all aimed at improving not just the look and feel, but the actual health of your skin. Problems are not masked like with some other solutions, but are dealt with.


At Symphony Beauty Clinic we don’t provide basic wellness and holistic facials, but rather concentrate on problem solving for our clients by offering prescribed skin treatments and peelings:

  •   ageing
  •   acne
  •   pigmentation
  •   some skin conditions

Our Dermalogica beauty therapist holds the highest, Expert level, which means she has mastered various techniques, learnt about application and use of multiple product ranges, and is qualified to perform such delicate treatments as chemical peelings, etc.

We also hold stock of Dermalogica products and would be happy to offer you a complete solution, including in-clinic treatments and at-home aftercare products, tailor-made to your needs.

Book a Dermalogica treatment appointment with Symphony Beauty Clinic by calling at:
Dermalogica treatment cost: from £40 per session
Dermalogica in Swindon: 165-166 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BU
Dermalogica in Reading: 30 Church Street, Reading, RG4 8AU
Contact us: 07501 936380 or email

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Hear our happy patients’ testimonials:

Very pleased with what Symphony Beauty Clinic have done for me. I was treated by their expert Marina. She first thoroughly reviewed and assessed by face, and created a custom treatment map for me. Then she gave me a series of peelings, that resulted in my face being fully rejuvenated – I knew it would be better, but even I didn’t expect such an improvement. I was also given an aftercare advise, and bought 4 products from them, that I use every day. Being in makeup and photo session business I must look 100% at all times, and Symphony has given me exactly that!

Katrina T.